Keys to the Shop, Episode 101 (July 2018)

​A Few Presentations

Podcast Interview

A Few Published Articles

Leasing 101 for Roasters
Roast Magazine, February 2005

(republished in The Book of Roast, ​2017)

Key issues faced in commercial and industrial leases. How to avoid common pitfalls.

Attorney at Law

Sustaining the Direct Business Model (with Andi Trindle-Mersch)

SCAA Expo, Boston, April 2013 and Seattle, April 2014

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

SCAA Expo. Portland, April 2012 and Boston, April 2013.

Ask the Attorney 

SCAA Expo, Anaheim, April 2010 and Houston, April 2011.

Coffee Industry Wakes up to Twists in Direct Trade Route (Interview)

Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2014

Choosing and Protecting Trademarks
Specialty Coffee Retailer, August 2010

Trademark essentials for coffee retailers, roasters and other businesses.