Marketing people tell lawyers we should have an "elevator talk," a 30-second pitch on who we are and what we do.


But an experienced lawyer should have learned more than that.

Here are some of the things I have learned to do:

The expertise you need, not an "elevator talk"

Real Estate

Buy, sell or lease. Industrial or commercial. I work to protect my clients without killing your deal. From entire hospitals to warehouses and offices, I have been there and can anticipate your needs.


Organizing and Advising Businesses and Nonprofits
Corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and LLCs. I have organized and acted as outside general counsel to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, many within the coffee industry.

About My Work

Attorney at Law

Specialty Coffee Industry
My love of great coffee turned into a legal specialty. I have organized or counseled some of the most important organizations in this industry. I am a frequent speaker and writer on legal issues for specialty coffee. Knowing the people and issues in this part of the coffee world provides a tremendous advantage to my clients. 


Intellectual Property
Trademark registration and licensing and software licensing have been a key part of my practice for many years.